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  Shrink + Simplify = Shrimplify One of the innovation and design goals for Swaygo is to create products that are smaller and simpler—we shrimplify. Smaller packs are easier to maneuver and…

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Light Feet

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"A pound on the foot equals five on the back." Here's a great post from the Chris Townsend Outdoors blog about how the weight of your boots affect your walking.…

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Caving Goal

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"Strive to be invited back."Permission to visit a cave is always granted by someone—landowner, trip leader, Mother Nature, yourself. Respect them so that you may go again.

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If you're like me, you've longed for cupcakes during caving trips. Cupcakes are the world's worst/greatest cave food. They are quite delicate. Smeer the icing and it's all over. Yet,…

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