If you’re like me, you’ve longed for cupcakes during caving trips. Cupcakes are the world’s worst/greatest cave food. They are quite delicate. Smeer the icing and it’s all over. Yet, who among us doesn’t imagine swiping your tongue along your upper lip hunting for one last smudge of frosting while pondering the hours of horror between you and the entrance.

Now, we have Cup-A-Cake—possibly, the greatest invention since chicken loops. Let’s test it!
You know I won’t endorse something without proper testing. I hauled a lovely cupcake, protected by a Cup-A-Cake in a Swaygo pack, deep into Gap Cave, VA.

After hours of caving, crawling, squeezing and surveying, it’s time for dinner. The anticipation is high. Should I skip the tuna and go straight for the cupcake? Wait, what’s that smell? Agggghhhhh! It’s piss! My pee-bottle leaked. The Cup-A-Cake took a direct hit.

I cried and cried. But, structurally, the cup cake was fine. The Cup-A-Cake did it’s job admirably.

I have used the Cup-A-Cake many times with great results. The hardest part is finding a cupcake. Keep in mind that the Cup-A-Cake is not water (or pee) resistant. It is also a tad bulky, but worth it. Definitely caveworthy.

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