Light Feet

“A pound on the foot equals five on the back.”

Here’s a great post from the Chris Townsend Outdoors blog about how the weight of your boots affect your walking. He writes about how cutting your shoe weight can dramatically increase your endurance, ability to avoid injury and enjoyment. He even tackles the old myth about heavy boots offering ankle support. Lots of good info that can be crossed-over to caving.

Billy Boot soleI weighed all the boots I could find. Size 9-10, one boot, not the pair.

  • MuckBoots Wetlands: 2lb 6oz
  • Servus XLP (tall, rubber): 2lb 15oz
  • Bata Boots: 1lb 10oz
  • Garmont leather and fabric hiking boots: 1lb 13oz
  • Wal-Mart cheapie, rubber boots: 2lb 2oz
  • XtraTuff rubber boots: 2lb 3oz
  • Joop Boots: 1lb 9oz
  • Desert Combat Boots: 1lb 2oz

My next caving boots will probably be a pair of Billy Boots. One pound each. Made from the same type of material as Crocs. Reviews suggest they last longer than rubber boots.